Video-based Interactive Online Learning Environment

viaMINT is a video-based interactive online learning environment for students, prospective students, school pupils and anyone else who is interested.

Many exciting learning modules from the subject areas of mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science invite you to try out and learn.

Students and prospective students can refresh their knowledge before starting their studies and thus make the best possible start to their studies. Pupils can learn alongside school. Anyone interested can view and work on new topics and their applications.

In interactive learning sequences you’ll learn with

  • short learning videos and comprehensible explanations
  • clear visualizations and application examples
  • many exercises with immediate feedback
  • supplementary learning texts and clearly designed formularies

Customized Learning

viaMINT provides learning opportunities and a customized learning environment for everyone.

Self-testing in mathematics, physics and chemistry

You can use our tests to check your knowledge and refresh any missing pieces with suitable learning modules.

Your personal online learning dashboard

Your learning modules and progress are clearly displayed on your personal online learning dashboard.

Individual learning paths at your own pace

viaMINT offers various learning paths that allow you to set your own learning pace.

Learning content tailored to your degree program

You can prepare for your studies with learning modules that are relevant to your degree.

Open – Free – For Everyone

viaMINT is openly available for everyone to use. Use viaMINT anonymously to try it out or create a user account to save your progress. This way you can pick up right where you left viaMINT the last time.

viaMINT is recommended and used by many universities for study preparation. Our learning platform has been set up and continuously developed at HAW Hamburg since 2012. The learning modules provided are didactically designed and implemented at HAW Hamburg and cooperating universities.

Discover viaMINT

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